Weddings that Inspire Hope [dylan & charlie, nevada city]

Sometimes…just sometimes…life can get you down.


You know, the routine of carpool, homework, gymnastics, cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, picking up the same toys as yesterday, laundry, toddler tantrums, grocery store trips – two in one day because you forgot at least 3 things on your list… Oh, and lets add in there a home business, career changes, an out-of-state move and going back to school.

Ya, that life.

[Not the way you though a wedding post would start?? Keep reading...]

In the middle of this thing called life…this life that has constant changes yet lingering pasts, this life that has ups, downs, twists and even barrel rolls…we can still find HOPE at a wedding.

A wedding is the epitome of a new chapter. It is two people – two very different people, committing to love each other. FOREVER. How can you not find hope in that? Not every wedding is the same, I understand. Dylan and Charlie’s wedding though… I found myself in tears…several times. And then again going through and editing their pictures…and again writing this blog. They ooze love. The excitement and joy permeated the entire day.

I remember during their first dance – which was excellently choreographed by the way – leaning against the walling snapping a picture and thinking, “Will I ever be that happy again?” Not in a depressing way…not at all… more of in an awe-inspired, personal reflection kind of way. Their joy in marrying one another, their excitement in beginning their life together, their happiness in making a vow to love one another until death IS all available. — To all of us–

That makes me pretty HOPEful.

Their happiness rooted in an unconditional loving relationship. And we all have that opportunity with a loving God. One that loves us unconditionally even though we certainly don’t deserve it. One that wants to live in commune with us every day, even when we are being bratty (read: complaining about our To-Do lists). There is a popular song out right now “Even So Come” by Kristian Stanfill that goes:

“Like a bride waiting for her groom, we’ll be a church ready for you.”

When I first heard that I remember thinking of Charlie, and her anticipation & excitement for her groom. Her joy and love for her groom. Oh goodness. Yes, I want to be that happy. I want to be that excited and joyful…

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