bridal session: justin+nicole [irvine, ca]

In good ol’ SoCal we rarely get rained out on wedding days. Even though most couples would love that, we enjoy the rare opportunities we do get to catch a few of our bride and grooms combatting the rain. Justin & Nicole’s wedding day, was one of those days. So, of course we scheduled a Day After session to spend some one on one time with them — no rain clouds in sight!

So fun!
And since the salt & pepper look on men is probably one of my fav’s, I’m posting a favorite of Justin. Yes Nicole, your husband is indeed handsome!

justin + nicole [sneak peak, maggiano's los angeles]

DeVende PhotographyJune 25, 2012 - 2:49 am

Nick, nicely balanced, consistent photography. You do great at capturing the decor of the venue and details (commenting on several posts actually :) good clean work you don’t see a lot of anymore. Just stopped by your blog to say hello (and see who my competition is while I was at it) and the competition is amazing, well done, from one photographer to another :)

Balancing the “I-do” industry takes the strength of Sunflowers [cory&nikki; corona, ca]

There is a balance, a vital balance, that I believe is often lost in the wedding industry. It’s the balance of simple vs. lavish, DIY vs. hiring, marrying your best friend vs. marrying your wedding day.

Ouch, that one hurt. Guilty as charged. I desire lavish and I certainly adore hired help. But at the end of the day that’s not what it is really about, is it? It’s about a celebration honoring marrying your best friend. Marrying the one that will encourage you through life’s hard times, pull you through life’s tough times, and rejoice with you through every second of the good times.

There is a balance that the wedding industry encourages us to ignore. Ignore the ceremony and head straight to the reception…right? Ignore the reason we are here, and get the party started! As a photographer, we even struggle with that balance…

Capture every detail that so many late nights and tears went into deciding or capture the way he looks at her, like he can’t catch his breath and only wishes for this one moment to last forever. Do we jet out of the ceremony for a quick minute because the florist finished the flowers on the cake? Oh balance…

I’ve known Nikki since – oh – probably junior high…her older sister and I were completely inseparable. From high school, to college, to finishing our Master’s together, I knew Nikki had a sense of balance about her. She knew that the celebration was important, but what was more important was the man she was marrying. Looking around their wedding, everything was perfectly balanced.

Simple vs. lavish – balanced.
DIY vs. hired professionals – balanced.
…It was amazing…

None of this to say that their wedding was anything short of remarkable. It was beyond remarkable. It screamed L.O.V.E. louder than any thousand-dollar centerpiece I have ever seen.

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