Engaging with each other [brian + kelly, claremont, ca]

Life. Life is crazy. Unpredictable. Through life we experience both the deepest hurts and our greatest joys. It’s perplex…possibly the most perfect oxymoron. We say time crawls by – “When a minute feels like an hour”. Yet, in the next sentence we say time flies by – “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!” How can such vastly different statements describe the same thing? Because the circumstances of life filter our perception. I think that sometimes the same things are said of love. It’s crazy. Unpredictable. While there may be truth in that, I believe we have much more a choice in love. Love is intentional. Love is purposeful.

When we choose to be intentional and purposeful with our actions, we engage love in such a way that minimize its unpredictability. That’s how we “fall” in love. We choose to incessantly think positive of the other. We choose to treat them kindly, choose to cherish them, choose to engage with them. And from those choices, love flourishes. When we take the time to purposefully engage our significant other, we cannot help but feel love.

We had such a great time watching Brian and Kelly. Their laughter together showed just as much love as their kiss. Romantic silence permeated as they locked eyes. They were lost in their own conversation. No words needed. They engaged each other.


Love as Never-ending as the Ocean’s Tide [brent+lindsay: cabo san lucas, mexico]

You see, there is something about being around a couple that is in love. It’s like you are attracted to them, usually for some unknown reason, and you can’t help but love them. If you really took the time to think about it, you would be able to list the things that draw you to them… and it would look something like this:
…his smile when she walks in the room…
…the way they finish each other’s sentences…
…their politeness towards the others opinions…
…the way she reaches for his hand…
…how he wants to open the door for her…
…the flush in her cheeks when he compliments her…

and then you realize…its the beauty of their love. Of course it is appealing, it is the one true beautiful thing in life. Our love for one another.

Brent and Lindsay had a gorgeously intimate ceremony on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Surrounded by their immediate family and their closest friends, they vowed their love to one another. Their love that is an unending as the ocean’s tide.

We were beyond blessed to be a part of your day!

Rachel HansenFebruary 28, 2013 - 6:28 pm

Great job Nick on capturing the essence of the day and this couple. Your photos are beautiful, congrats Lindsay & Brent!
-Rachel Hansen, Infinity Weddings

Smiles that Sparkle like the Stars [jason+regina: griffith park observatory, los angeles]

Nick and I had never been to the Griffith Observatory so when Regina and Jason suggested shooting their engagement session there it was really exciting for us! We love to shoot at new locations, it forces us to get out from behind our camera and soak in our surroundings to find optimal lighting & scenery. In essence, it helps us enjoy our life as photographers instead of just being a photographer.

Griffith Observatory is beautiful…super cool architecture and the grounds surrounding the Observatory feature the most fall colors you will see during our Southern California “winters”. It was actually a brisk 50 degrees during the shoot, and I’m not gonna lie, we took breaks in shooting to walk around, warm up and let Regina put her coat on! I know I certainly wouldn’t survive in colder weather! Even though we didn’t shoot inside the Observatory, we walked through and admired all the technology and astronomy. It was quite amazing.

Kinda like the spark between Regina and Jason. I think you’ll agree, their smiles are as captivating as the stars. And the way they look at each other…makes me think of the saying I always tell Kara… “I love you to the moon and back.”

Enjoy – Liz

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