Fall is in the Air

One of the prettiest times to get married is in fall. The goldens, oranges & reds are so vibrant and eye catching! Even though weather can sometimes be tricky (always have a plan B ready), if you are planning your wedding in fall you are sure to have gorgeous colors in your photographs!

Some couples love fall colors so much that they theme their wedding around fall and harvest! Here are a few pictures of an incredibly gorgeous Harvest themed reception table done by Lavenders Flowers. They are pretty spectacular, in our opinion!

If you are getting married in fall, here are a few tips to keep in mind…

1. Check the almanac for previous years weather on your date. They have a nifty lil’ tool on the left to look at past weather based on location & date!

2. Check sunset times but entering your zip code here and then clicking the month you are getting married (or doing your engagement session).

3. Check which day daylight savings is on and keep in mind start times for your ceremony based of how much light you will have.

When words aren’t enough [steven + catherine, wedgewood - indian hills country club, riverside]

That is the magical thing about photos. When words fail, an image can fill in the blanks. When you see a picture, you can remember every detail of what was going on around you during that time. Its like a time capsule. You can spend hours looking through photos, being transported through time and space back to when the very second happened. Words cannot compare. A story, a dialogue, an entire novel can be portrayed through a picture.

I missed Catherine & Steven’s at wedding Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center on the Indian Hills golf course because I was laid up in the hospital with our hours-old newborn in my arms. A pretty good reason to not be there…but heart-breaking nonetheless. I’ve known Catherine her entire life, so to miss her wedding day was like missing my sisters wedding. Even our daughter was the flower girl. So looking through her photos I was able to relive her wedding day – tears included. Like when her cousin Cody looks at her just before walking her down the aisle. Or Steven is practically leaping out of his shoes to kiss her for the first time as his wife. Speechless…and that is how a photo should leave you…because words just aren’t enough.

…And that is all too important to just have “Uncle Bob” take your pictures…


A little Newness [EmmaJane Hope]

Stealing the blog to feature the newest, amazing, most-wonderful 6 week old. We are so incredibly blessed, and beyond in love with her.


Andrea GrayApril 28, 2013 - 12:11 am

OMG Liz, she is adorable! Just checked out your blog and I gotta say…you guys are amazing!!! Loved, loved , loved Catherine’s photos, she was such a beautiful bride. Would love to get together with you all one of these fine days and meet your 2 newest additions. You read right, I understand you have another little girl after, hope I get this right, Keira:) Could use some baby hugs:) Congratulations to you and Nick for all you have accomplished. Much love to you and your family

S o c i a l   N e t w o r k