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greg+lyndsey [malibu beach, ca]

Perhaps the most beautifully intimate ceremony happened yesterday. Nick and I were one of the 6 people present; the bride and groom, the pastor and his wife making up the rest of the attendees. Intimate, lovely, romantic, breathtaking. After the ceremony at a Malibu Beach house, we went down to the water for a little fun!!

Lyndsey & Greg’s sneak peak – stay tuned to see their beautiful ceremony and details!

bridal session: justin+nicole [irvine, ca]

In good ol’ SoCal we rarely get rained out on wedding days. Even though most couples would love that, we enjoy the rare opportunities we do get to catch a few of our bride and grooms combatting the rain. Justin & Nicole’s wedding day, was one of those days. So, of course we scheduled a Day After session to spend some one on one time with them — no rain clouds in sight!

So fun!
And since the salt & pepper look on men is probably one of my fav’s, I’m posting a favorite of Justin. Yes Nicole, your husband is indeed handsome!

Rock That Dress! [Inland Empire CA]

I stumbled across these photos today of Brooke’s Rock the Dress session last year when I realized I never posted any from them.  Amid the !gasps! and !tsk tsk tsk’s! I hear I sadly hang my head in agreement. It’s shameful.  Rock the Dress sessions are a hot topic right now…so I thought I would throw some ideas at you about why they are beneficial, why I think they are a blast but why some are reserved in participating.

You see these crazy beautiful images of brides playing in the waves on the ocean’s shore, sitting in the middle of train tracks, climbing on tractors, jumping into swimming pools and oh so much more. Crazy, we think, because “she paid how much for that dress and she is ruining it!!???!!” Beautiful, we think, because “she looks stunning and is having so much fun. I have never seen anything like that before!!” Crazy-Beautiful images.  We love those.

Rock the Dress sessions, sometimes called Trash the Dress sessions can vary from elegantly sophisticated to down and dirty grunge. Depends on your style. Here is why they are beneficial. If your photographer has a time limit on the wedding day as far as coverage goes, or if you are strapped for time simply because of sunlight and start times, then a Rock the Dress session after the wedding can provide you with the extra allotted time with just you and your groom that you didn’t get on the wedding day. Other than time constraints, Rock the Dress sessions are an awesome way to work in funky, bold, unconventional jewelry and accessories that aren’t fitting of the wedding day, but that your heart desires and begs for you to wear! Surrender to your diva desires…give in to your glamorous girlie impulses!  (I’m a bad influence, I am aware)

Wearing a 20 pound dress, stomping through dirt, weeds, and who-know-what-else, cheeks hurting from smiling so much – a blast? Really?!  Sounds a little crazy, I know…but every Rock the Dress session ends up with side-splitting laughter. We have never laughed so hard at any session as our Rock the Dress session…and our brides would agree! With guards down, time constraints gone, the love of your life standing next to you, or sometimes behind us making faces at you, you can just B.E. Be yourself. Be a wife. Be a bride. Be a model.  And you get to wear your wedding dress again! (Take that family and friends who swore you were mentally insane for spending that amount on a dress you would only wear ONCE! – Well…here’s TWICE!)

So why are some reserved in participating? Well, I’ll be honest. You get dirty! Even in an elegant Rock the Dress session we are going to be walking around, laying down, climbing… and more! Does your dress get ruined? It doesn’t have to!  We only go as far as you want…so if you want to cut your dress, we’re game; if you want to paint in your dress, we’re game; if you want to burn your dress, we’re game; if you just want to go around town in your dress, we’re game! We let you set the limits, we’re just there to capture all the fun in between.  And fun is a guarantee!

Summer’s Trash the Dress Session

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to shoot with one of our most favorite persons in the world, Summer!  Being a trash the dress session, we looked for the most obscure locations to take her pics.  I think the places we found suited her session nicely.  The lighting, the location, the subject, everything was absolutely perfect!  Plus her pictures came out spectacular! Here’s some of our favorites. Enjoy!

S o c i a l   N e t w o r k