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How to make an entrance at your wedding ceremony [hannah diem: june lake, ca]

The video of a bride singing to her groom as we walked down the aisle to him went viral last year and got many brides thinking about what type of entrance they want to make at their wedding. Some have sang and danced their way to their future husband, others have walked to the traditional “Wedding March”, but how about riding a ski-lift up to the top of the mountain!?! Thats original, (and amazing) for sure!

The wedding party rode up as couples, and then walked down the aisle like usual. Then the groom came up the lift… and everyone expected the bride to come out of the resort building next to us, because surely she wouldn’t be coming in on the lift in her dress too… WRONG! That is exactly what she did! Everyone cheered and applauded as Hannah, wearing her wedding dress and blue high-heels, came up the lift with her dad! It was a pretty epic grand entrance to the ceremony, definitely the best we have seen.

This is a new and up-coming trend we hope to see continue!

Bride coming up the lift at June Lake, Ca to her wedding ceremony

Bride coming up the lift at June Lake, Ca to her wedding ceremony

Weddings that Inspire Hope [dylan & charlie, nevada city]

Sometimes…just sometimes…life can get you down.


You know, the routine of carpool, homework, gymnastics, cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, picking up the same toys as yesterday, laundry, toddler tantrums, grocery store trips – two in one day because you forgot at least 3 things on your list… Oh, and lets add in there a home business, career changes, an out-of-state move and going back to school.

Ya, that life.

[Not the way you though a wedding post would start?? Keep reading...]

In the middle of this thing called life…this life that has constant changes yet lingering pasts, this life that has ups, downs, twists and even barrel rolls…we can still find HOPE at a wedding.

A wedding is the epitome of a new chapter. It is two people – two very different people, committing to love each other. FOREVER. How can you not find hope in that? Not every wedding is the same, I understand. Dylan and Charlie’s wedding though… I found myself in tears…several times. And then again going through and editing their pictures…and again writing this blog. They ooze love. The excitement and joy permeated the entire day.

I remember during their first dance – which was excellently choreographed by the way – leaning against the walling snapping a picture and thinking, “Will I ever be that happy again?” Not in a depressing way…not at all… more of in an awe-inspired, personal reflection kind of way. Their joy in marrying one another, their excitement in beginning their life together, their happiness in making a vow to love one another until death IS all available. — To all of us–

That makes me pretty HOPEful.

Their happiness rooted in an unconditional loving relationship. And we all have that opportunity with a loving God. One that loves us unconditionally even though we certainly don’t deserve it. One that wants to live in commune with us every day, even when we are being bratty (read: complaining about our To-Do lists). There is a popular song out right now “Even So Come” by Kristian Stanfill that goes:

“Like a bride waiting for her groom, we’ll be a church ready for you.”

When I first heard that I remember thinking of Charlie, and her anticipation & excitement for her groom. Her joy and love for her groom. Oh goodness. Yes, I want to be that happy. I want to be that excited and joyful…

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Drying your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Bouquet Wednesday!

I have developed a new love for wedding bouquets. I have always thought they were beautiful, but recently my weddings have had extravagant bouquets…and I felt my heart wishing I could see and smell them every day! They were remarkable! Some were adorned with little gems and jewels, others with priceless sentiments: a grandmothers necklace, a picture of a passed loved one, the stone from a family heirloom.

Wedding bouquets are not just wild flowers picked on the way to the ceremony anymore. They are hand-crafted, lovely story pieces that brides are now using to reflect their personality! From Burlap Bouquets on Etsy, to hot pink roses, the wedding bouquet is quickly becoming one of my favorite things at weddings.

I was wondering how many brides actually keep their flowers? I know I still have my wedding flowers, but they were silk! I do have my bouquet from my sisters wedding, that I dried and love. So I started wondering if brides know they CAN dry out their bouquets? After finding this feed on the bridal forum of Wedding Wire, I realized, not many brides think of it!

There are many resources online about how to dry your wedding bouquet. ProFlowers even wrote an article about how to best air dry your flowers. The Knot, probably the most commonly used wedding resource, has a great article on preserving your flowers as well. And, of course, Pinterest in LOADED with wonderful tutorials.. my favorite is frame pressing.

Here is a fun idea too! One of our brides hung dry her bouquet, and used it in her Trash the Dress session after the wedding! (Before and After Below)
gerber daisy wedding bouquetdried wedding bouquet

Below is a slideshow of a few of my favorite wedding bouquets. I simply love how brides are making them more than just a bouquet! So unique, and extraordinary!

A Smidge of Smitten [Classic Details, Derek & Marysol]

Seeing some of the bridal details from Derek & Marysol’s wedding made me want to be a bride again. Her head band, her shoes, the champagne flutes, her gorgeous gold clutch…

…but the main thing that makes my heart flutter is seeing Derek & Marysol, madly in love, committing their lives to each other, taking communion together, giddily giggling with each other. Yes, love like that simply makes me smitten.

Even though weddings are a reflection of the bride and groom and, therefore, have the propensity to be starkly different from one another, there are a few things that I always love seeing – and photographing: the wedding rings, the Galina wedding dress & Chelsea Crew shoes, of course; engraved champagne flutes are a fav; and the brides bouquet is always amazing!

Newland Barn Spring Wedding huntington beachNewland Barn Spring Wedding huntington beachNewland Barn Spring Wedding huntington beachNewland Barn Spring Wedding huntington beachNewland Barn Spring Wedding huntington beachNewland Barn WeddingNewland Barn Spring Wedding huntington beachNewland Barn Spring Wedding huntington beachNewland Barn Spring Wedding huntington beach

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