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Love in Old Town [Sean & Walli; Old Town Sacramento]

The holidays are a timeless and classic time for popping the question. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, there are many opportunities for family to be gathered together to get to share in the joy of a new engagement!

We even got engaged on Thanksgiving, oh you know, a decade ago!

Walli & Sean got engaged in November, and Old Town Sacramento is such a fun place for engagement pictures! Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, it was wonderful to get to take an afternoon, slow down, and spend some time photographing a beautiful couple, completely in love and completely excited to get married!

Their smiles are contagious, and their joy of being together made this Christmas a wonderful Christmas to remember!

Stay true to your style [style & standards]

Not everyone is going to like your style as a photographer. There. I said it.

And that’s ok.

Imagine how boring it would be if every picture we looked at was the same style. Or every wedding invitation was the same, every wedding dress the same, every bouquet… the same style. That would get kinda — mundane and very.very boring.

As your business grows, you refine your style and smooth out the edges to create a solid brand. There is naturally going to be people whose style preferences do not match yours. Friend, that is ok! I’m not saying do not try new things, or be willing to adapt and grow as you wish…but that is the key… as.YOU.wish. Do not let the tides of society who idolize a style one day and bury it the next determine your style.

As your business grows, you will put a lot of time, thought, tears and technique into your style. It is wise to take constructive criticism, acknowledge advice; however, if we all change whimsically with the winds of a negative comment or displeased on-looker, there would be no consistency or foundation for our businesses.

Not every photographer is going to like your photos.
Not every person [read: potential client] is going to like your style.

That is the beauty in diversity. The clients that do not like my style I can guarantee will find a photographer whose style they like. Sometimes I even make recommendations to other photographers based solely off the style the client is wanting! [I'm referring to editing style as well as shooting style]. Our clients will have a style all of their own. It may be something small, like they prefer cooler tone photos to warmer tone photos…easy to accommodate without jeopardizing style and standards. It may be something big, like they want a zombie attack in a cemetery…not as easy to accommodate with jeopardizing style and standards. You have to decide where you draw the line. Cooler photos, sure. Zombie attack, not gonna happen. Its not a matter of right or wrong. Its a matter of style and standards. Plain and simple.

It is important that we stay true to our style and standards when building our business and booking clients. I remember a photographer once telling me he would refer clients out to other photographers that he knew would match their style – and I thought he was crazy. Now, eight years later I completely agree with him. Sacrificing your style and standards for the sake of booking a client will lead you to the edge of a slippery slope where it will become too easy to forsake the brand you have built. Trust me, there will be a photographer out there for them. It’s okay if it isn’t you.

Photography is an art. And what I see through my lens is different than what you see through yours. Its okay to get inspiration from social media, but why would I want to force myself to see (capture) the exact same thing that was already captured? I would much rather look at it from my own perspective, and create my own beautiful. When a client sends you a link to their Pinterest boards that have hundreds of pictures, they are not their to replicate exactly, but to create an ambience from which to begin.

southern california engagement picturessouthern california engagement picturessouthern california engagement pictures

Engaging with each other [brian + kelly, claremont, ca]

Life. Life is crazy. Unpredictable. Through life we experience both the deepest hurts and our greatest joys. It’s perplex…possibly the most perfect oxymoron. We say time crawls by – “When a minute feels like an hour”. Yet, in the next sentence we say time flies by – “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!” How can such vastly different statements describe the same thing? Because the circumstances of life filter our perception. I think that sometimes the same things are said of love. It’s crazy. Unpredictable. While there may be truth in that, I believe we have much more a choice in love. Love is intentional. Love is purposeful.

When we choose to be intentional and purposeful with our actions, we engage love in such a way that minimize its unpredictability. That’s how we “fall” in love. We choose to incessantly think positive of the other. We choose to treat them kindly, choose to cherish them, choose to engage with them. And from those choices, love flourishes. When we take the time to purposefully engage our significant other, we cannot help but feel love.

We had such a great time watching Brian and Kelly. Their laughter together showed just as much love as their kiss. Romantic silence permeated as they locked eyes. They were lost in their own conversation. No words needed. They engaged each other.

Smiles that Sparkle like the Stars [jason+regina: griffith park observatory, los angeles]

Nick and I had never been to the Griffith Observatory so when Regina and Jason suggested shooting their engagement session there it was really exciting for us! We love to shoot at new locations, it forces us to get out from behind our camera and soak in our surroundings to find optimal lighting & scenery. In essence, it helps us enjoy our life as photographers instead of just being a photographer.

Griffith Observatory is beautiful…super cool architecture and the grounds surrounding the Observatory feature the most fall colors you will see during our Southern California “winters”. It was actually a brisk 50 degrees during the shoot, and I’m not gonna lie, we took breaks in shooting to walk around, warm up and let Regina put her coat on! I know I certainly wouldn’t survive in colder weather! Even though we didn’t shoot inside the Observatory, we walked through and admired all the technology and astronomy. It was quite amazing.

Kinda like the spark between Regina and Jason. I think you’ll agree, their smiles are as captivating as the stars. And the way they look at each other…makes me think of the saying I always tell Kara… “I love you to the moon and back.”

Enjoy – Liz

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